Travertine Floor Cleaning & Polishing Services in Houston

Travertine is a highly versatile stone that comes in wide variety of finishes and colors.  The stone can add a touch of elegance and a beautiful, finished look to your floors, showers, countertops and outdoor patios, while providing your entire room with a warm and lovely ambience.

    Fortunately, only honed travertine is a very low-maintenance rock if which will last you many years with proper care. However, being a softer and more porous stone than other decorative stones such as marble or granite, it is very sensitive to acidic products such as wine, juice, vinegar or coffee. That is why it is especially important to clean up any spills promptly!

    The soft quality of this stone can make it very vulnerable to getting dents, scratches and chips that can accumulate over time. That is why travertine floor cleaning is often a specialized job best handled by professionals trained in the art of cleaning and polishing this stone. Many worn-out floors require special handling to bring them back to life using proper cleaning, grinding, or polishing.

Cleaning & Polishing Travertine Stone

Travertine is not as tough as marble or granite. As a result travertine tiles can become etched over time. That is why it is so important to clean up the spills quickly to avoid staining. You may try this at home by using a soft cloth or sponge with hot warm water with a few drops of mild soap, at least every time the area gets heavily used. If cleaning with a mop, you should make certain that the mop is clean and free of all residual grit or dirt as you wouldn't want the dirt to get trapped in the holes or the grout lines. For covering cracks or holes on travertine tiles, use resin epoxy not grout.

  Polishing travertine stones is so important because after cleaning the stones several times, it is likely that they may get dull and never recover their original brilliance again. Polishing is effective in countering this, and restores the travertine so that they look perfectly bright and shiny. Our company uses a grinding process for polishing the travertine to get a much better clarity. A special polishing powder is used for the polishing that works so well that your floor ends up looking like a clear, shiny and lustrous mirror. Travertine can be polished in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the homeowner. You can choose between a lightly polished, matte format to a highly glossy finish.

Preventative Measures for Travertine

Acidic and abrasive cleansers will erode your flooring making it more and more difficult to clean the travertine in the future. Oftentimes, the etchings don’t appear right away but reveal themselves more and more overtime

    To prevent scratches from wear and tear, it’s a good idea to regularly clean up soil and grit that collects on floors in order to protect it from scratching the surface. You could also place some rugs in strategic places to protect your floor even further in those places. It’s would also be best to avoid vacuuming such flooring, since the hairs on the wheels of your vacuum can scratch up the travertine. 

If you take the time to give appropriate care to this natural stone, it will continue to look amazing for a long time into the future. Travertine flooring is something you can take great pride in, so it can be very rewarding to take good care of it. Remember that if your travertine gets visibly stained or etched, scratched, or seems damaged and marred, a professional travertine floor cleaning & polishing service may be your best line of defense in order to may it look like new once again.

    For travertine floor cleaning and polishing services in Houston, look no further than Mirador Stoneworks. We use only top quality cleaning products and polishing equipment to tackle the needs of any kind of stone including travertine, marble, granite, ceramic, terrazzo and other natural stones.

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