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Marble is a delightful, decorative stone that comes in many exceptional designs and patterns. It has popular use all around the house and buildings including floors, counter tops, showers and tubs. While marble often appears polished and bright when it's first installed, overtime it will require cleaning or polishing in order to stay looking new.

    One of the biggest problems with marble stone is that it is fragile and very prone to scratching, denting, chipping and staining. Leasing or purchasing equipment can be extremely dangerous because those machines could damage your marble even more. It’s always a good idea to consult professionals trained in cleaning and polishing marble. Professional marble polishing services can make even the dullest marble glow once again.

The Marble Cleaning Process

The first step of every marble cleaning process requires a thorough analysis of the type of marble you have as well as an assessment of the damages. Next the appropriate marble cleaning solution will be applied using only gentle, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Remember that the use of strong acids cleaners, solvents, abrasive detergents or any kinds of hazardous substances can easily damage and etch the marble, since marble is a porous stone.

    In fact, the best way to clean marble floors is with a mop and some plain clean water, together with a few drops of mild soap. For marble countertops, clean and rinse the area with a sponge before drying up it up with paper towels. It is highly recommended that you avoid using the same rag to clean your countertops, as that can cause the stone to fog up due to the accumulation of grease.

    Upon cleaning and giving your marble a thorough cleaning, the stone will then be sealed to protect it from any further damage. Sealing marble is especially significant on counter tops, floors and showers that get a lot of use. Marble isn't as dense as granite and even minor spots and spills can make their mark on this stone. A deep, penetrating sealer solution will be used to protect your marble’s natural beauty –preventing it from absorbing any future stains.

Marble Restoration and The Marble Polishing Process

Has your marble lost its shine, and acquired unsightly etch marks and scratches?

Have you lost hope in finding a marble cleaning solution that can give your stone that glossy, mirror-like finish?

   You may be one of thousands of customers in need of marble polishing services also known as marble restoration. Don’t waste your money on commercial products that promise to do the same! They will only cause your stone to get worse and worse over time. Also, remember that acrylic sealers aka as wax are only good for other natural stones such as slate or flagstone. Don’t be fooled by applying sealers that will give it a shiny polished look.

    Our marble polishing system brings out the natural shine of your stone without having to rely on sealers or coating. Special care is taken to ensure that the right procedure is always used for your particular polishing needs. For example, when dealing with waxed marble floors, we will first strip out all of the wax and dirt from your floor before grinding the marble to remove any scratches and etch marks. This process allows neutralization and for better clarity in the final appearance of your marble stone.

    Next, we will polish the marble using a unique imported polishing powder. This will give it a beautiful, glossy, mirror-like finish. We can also adjust the shine according to low, medium, and high gradients depending on the customer’s preference. To top off the job, an impregnator sealer will be used that penetrates deep inside of the stone without changing its original appearance. This will help protect your marble from staining but not from etching. For best protection for polished marble countertops is to apply sealer every two months to two years. Depending how the marble stone is well maintained.

    It is always a good idea to hire a professional technician trained in the art of marble polishing and restoration, since every situation often brings on a unique set of circumstances. Hiring the wrong technician can leave your marble in a worse condition than it was before.

Marble Care & Maintenance

It's recommended to clean your marble floors, countertops or any other marble surfaces professionally at least every year or two.

    There are also many preventative measures that should be taken into consideration in order to preserve the natural stone attractiveness and worth of your     marble for the long haul. These include avoiding contact of the marble stone with any acidic cooking products or abrasive detergents. Even the most ordinary shampoos, lotions and food products such as lemon juice and vinegar can do considerable damage to marble overtime. Remember to clean up spills quickly using only a gentle cleanser that has been tested to be safe for marble. 

    Don’t get frustrated if your marble looks difficult to clean. For marble floor cleaning and polishing services and granite countertops in Houston and surrounding areas, look no further than Mirador Stoneworks. We use only top quality cleaning products and polishing equipment to tackle the needs of any kind of stone including marble, travertine, granite, terrazzo and other natural stones.

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