Fed up of always having to clean your tiles, laminate flooring and do grout cleaning? Fed up of all the tedious cleaning jobs around the house? MiradorStoneworks is a leading stone cleaning and Restoration Company based in Houston, Texas. Mirador Stoneworks have been in business for many years and has served many clients far and wide delivering quality top notch service. In addition to cleaning all types of stones, we also specialize in grout cleaning. We cater for all our customer needs and have an efficient team around the clock.

Do you have problems with dirty grout? You keep washing and scrubbing and the grime does not come out? Why not give us a call and we will send our specialized and experienced grout team to give you free advice on how to remove stubborn stains and do the grout cleaning for you. For those of us who do not know what is grout, let us give you a free tutorial on how to take care and clean grout. Grout is basically the thing between the tiles. It is a mixture of sand water and cement that holds the tiles in place, and most times it is white in color.

Now you know what grout is and where it is located, you can understand why it is so hard to clean. Most times dirt gets trapped between the tiles especially on the corners, in the grout. These grout lines are easy to pick up stains as they are hard to reach areas. Also when there is a spill and it is not mopped up immediately, the longer the spill the more gets absorbed into the grout causing further stains and grime. This causes the grout to become discolored.

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So how do you clean the grout? Well for starters before grout cleaning we need to remove any debris that might be present on the floor or on tile vertical tiles such as cobwebs. After sweeping or dusting, use a damp cloth or mop and gently clean the area as this will remove any layer of scum or grime that may be present. Now you are ready for grout cleaning.

Do you use vinegar, bleach or detergent for grout cleaning? Is it advisable to use a mix? At Mirador Stoneworks we use our own cleaning solution that is made of warm water, baking soda, ammonia and white vinegar for grout cleaning. All the ingredients are mixed into a large bucket and then filled using a funnel into a spray bottle. A spray bottle accesses hard to get areas and make it easy to clean. After saying the solution onto the grout, wait for about 4 -5 minutes to absorb and then begin scrubbing. You can always reapply the solution if the area dried. It is advisable to use a scrubbing brush with hard bristles, sometimes a toothbrush works all the same.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well depending on the size of the area grout cleaning can become very tedious and tiring. To avoid all that just give Mirador Stoneworks a call and before you know it the job would be done. We undertake Grout Cleaning in Houston, surrounding areas, and have experienced teams and the right equipment to handle tough cleaning jobs.

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