Need tile cleaning in Houston, call MiradorStoneworks. For house cleaning and building cleaning,Tile flooring looks neat and finished with a professional touch. It is durable and a financial investment for most spaces in the home. With proper cleaning and care, a tiled floor can look brand new for years. But how exactly do you clean tiles? Everybody have a different solution and advice on how to clean tiles but Mirador Stoneworks has one of the best tile cleaning service in the Houston for marble, granite tiles, terrazzo,ceramic, hardwood, .

Fed up of hearing different advice on how to clean tiles? MiradorStoneworks has a specialised team of workers that deals with tile cleaning. They have given some brief pointers in tile cleaning below. So instead of doing this tedious job of tile cleaning why not give us a call and our friendly, efficient tile cleaning team would give you a free quote and advice on how to take care of your tiles?

Before tile cleaning, it is advisable to sweep or vacuum daily. You need to remove any loose dirt or food debris that may have dropped onto the floor. Dirt tends to accumulate especially in the corners of the tiles and if they remain there over years can become permanently stain the grout between the tiles and become hard to remove. After sweeping the tiled floor, it is best to mop the floor as this gets rid of any hard to remove dirt and stains.

What to mop the floor with? My mother used vinegar and water, my friend never used detergent. What exactly is the correct way of mopping the floor? Do I just use good old plain water? It is advisable to use warm water for tile cleaning. In areas where there are stains or grime, apply some pressure to the area with the mop. This would remove any stains present. Remember to change the water after cleaning different sections of the house or if the water gets dirty. Also rinse the mop while tile cleaning ever so often to get rid of dust particles that might have become tangled in the fibres.

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After mopping the floor with warm water, it is best to dry the floor with a dry mop when tile cleaning. If you do not have an extra dry mop, you can use a dry dusting cloth. This will prevent any new dirt from accumulating and gathering in the corners on the grout.

So you are preparing dinner for the family and some water spills onto the floor. What do you do? Clean up the spill with a dry cloth or paper towel immediately. Please note it is best to clean spills promptly. The longer the spill stays on the tiles, the more time there is for it to be absorbed into the grout. And to make matters worse, the longer things are left the harder they are to clean and remove. Depending on what has spilled, sometimes it is best to use disinfectant or warm soapy water to clean. For example, if meat fell on the tiled floor, clean tiles with warm soapy water followed by warm water.

For tile cleaning on vertical walls apply the same process, that is use a dry dust cloth and dust the tiles to remove any accumulated dust. Then use a damp cloth and wipe to remove any stains or hard to get rid of dust. Tile cleaning is a long and tedious process, so why not let us do it for you. Our Tile cleaning services in Houston save you time and hassle and we use high pressure cleaning techniques that spare no nook or corner. It also includes a full drying process and by the time we're through, your floors will start looking clean and new.



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